What if we could go beyond one’s limits while being respectful towards our needs ?

Going again the wind is exhausting and too often useless. Struggling again and again seems as unfair as pointless. Wondering constantly «Why do I have to fight ?» Well, maybe you don’t. Perhaps struggle is not the key, since a seed doesn’t struggle to become a tree.

Achieve More By Resisting Less

«When we harness the forces of harmony,
joy, and love, we create success and good fortune
with effortless ease.
An integral being knows without going, sees
without looking, and accomplishes without doing. »

It is not about being passive but finding an healthy balance between efforts and sweet surrendering.
Sometimes success is about going with the flow (lien hypertext The law of least efforts). The warrior knows when to fight and when to rest. This is yoga. Going with the elements to make them one’s allies, finding your inner and outter strength. Flexibility of the body, flexibility of the mind. Adaptability and openess. Going beyond limits with one’s body and mind, not against it. It is about self-aknowledgment instead of pretending not to see.

Yoga is a Body and Soul Experience.

Yoga is a moving meditation, a work out, a sport, a dance, usefull and practical breath techniques. A therapy, a physical, emotional, energetical powerful tool. Its benefits are countless (lien hypertext vers article yoga journal ou autre). It is actually exactly what you need. The intention you set up on the practice makes your practice. Good news : it can be everything ! from losing weight to sleep better, rest or sweat, having fun, get your split, be stronger, healthier, connect to your center or simply moving because it feels good. Yoga can bring you all of that and much more, and you can bring a lot to yoga. Your personality makes half of your practice.

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