Yoga is all inclusive. It is about ‘does it work for YOU’ not about where to place your fingers. Of course alignement is a part of it. But as a direction, as safety gates for guiding your body.

Plus yoga asanas and the all yoga practice can be adapted to each level of each person body and expectations and it is really nice to play with this wild !

Yoga is about authenticity : it is a safe space for your own expression and creativity. A non judgement area where each personality can find its own place.

Yoga is a way for you to connect to yourself through body and breath. It is a powerful moving meditation which will lead you to more focus and relaxation on the mat as in your life. This is the amazing thing about yoga : it does not stop on the right door of the class, you will bring the benefits with you at home, at work, in your relationships.

Healthy balance between effort and surrendering

The benefits of yoga are prouved and countless : flexibility, strengh, posture improvement. Prevents cartilage and joints breakdown, protect your spine, betters your bones health, increases your blood flow, Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity, ups your heart rate, drops your blood pressure, regulates your adrenal glands, lowers blood sugar, help you to focus, maintains your nervous system, improves your balance, relaxes your all system, helps you to trust your body and to trust yourself through challenging poses and new movements, help you sleep deeper, boosts your immune system functionality, Gives your lungs room to breathe, Prevents IBS and other digestive problems, Increases your self-esteem, gives you inner strength, eases your pain, Helps keep you drug free, Builds awareness for transformation, benefits your relationships, Keeps allergies and viruses at bay, Helps you serve others, Encourages self care, Supports your connective tissue.

Who you are is always here available for you. It is just deeply hide sometimes and yoga is one of the most powerful tool I know for reaching this inner source. As a work out, as a meditation, as a breath technique, as a spirituality free from any does and donts but with only a guideline that will always invite you to wonder :

« Is my action coming from what I truly want ?»


Classical Hatha Yoga – Time and alignment in the poses

Hatha Yoga can have a lot of different meanings since basically all the types of yoga come from it.
Now we mostly use it to talk about a yoga which is not a flow but more focused on the right alignment in each pose. This is a perfect way to start your practice because it will go slow enough  to learn the very basics needs and anatomy of your body and asanas alignments. You really have the time to set up into the posture, breath in it, and modify the asana according to your body. This is often a slower yoga than Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga Yoga, and that pace will build your strengh. Hatha yoga still very wide/loose as it is a creative yoga where each sequence is focused on a particular intention, from back pain to willpower (en passant par…Autres exemples awakening feminine energy, backbends or opening hips, or a sequence build around a peak pose (lien hypertexte avec definition de peak pose))

Vinyasa Flow – Fluidity of movement

One movement one breath. Soft, dynamic and strong, Vinyasa Flow has the wavy shape of a dancing choregraphy. Contrary to Hatha Yoga you won’t stay long in each pose since the practice is more focused on movement, transitions, fluidity. This is a creative yoga where contrary to Ashtanga Vinyasa, you will most of the time practice a new sequence, even if you will for sure find common poses from one to another.

Yin Yoga – « Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are. » says the chinese proverb.

Yin Yoga is about surrendering to present. Simply be instead of trying to reach. Reconciliate yourself with who you are instead of trying to become some imaginary picture of who you should be. Yin Yoga is acceptance and kindness towards yourself. It is about self love and gratitude in the present. Letting go of expectations by simply releasing all the tensions of your being, in the body heart and mind. The practice of Yin Yoga allows you to reach the deepest layers of yourself, by removing any kind of stress whether it is in the brain or deep tissues. Knowing when to make efforts  but also when let yourself be will bring a healthy and essential balance in your life. Supported by personnalized props in demanding stretching posture, you will learn how beneficial surrendering to gravity can be, how essential it is to a full comprehension or your body and soul.

Restorative – Yoga of effortlesness

Recover, regenerate. This is the effortless Yoga where you rest in the poses from 5 to 20 minutes. No stretch and no strength here, simply the need to press the pause button to enjoy 1h30 of slow deep breath, silent, peacefull time for yourself. Extremely calming, restorative is perfect when emotional or physical injuries. Here, teacher and props (such as bolsters, blocks, straps and a lot of comfy blankets) simply aim to be gentle and supportive towards your body and your mind.

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